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The Republic of Peru



The head of state is the President of the Republic who is elected every five years.

The first president of the Peruvian republic was Jose de la Riva Agüero.

The current president elected in 2016 is Pedro Kuczynski Godard, his wife is Nancy Lange de Kuczynski.



Flag :

Depending what its used for, the flag features various emblems and has a different name. There are three versions:













Red, White, Red, in vertical stripes.

National Flag, or Civil Flag (Bandera Nacional) may be used by anyone and has no logos.

The National Banner, or State Flag (Pabellón Nacional) is used by the government. This variant has in the middle of the white stripe the emblem of Peru.

War Flag (Bandera de Guerra) is used by the army and the national police. This variant has in the middle of the white stripe (slightly modified) the weapon shield of the country surrounded by Peruvian flags.



National holiday: Jul 28


Standard Time: GMT -5

Area : 1.285.216 Km2

Capital : Lima

Form of government: Republic

Head of state : President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard

Official languages :


Quechua and Aymara are co-official

Border countries : Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile

Coastline : 2400 km bordering the Pacific Ocean

Population : 29.849.303 (2013)

Currency : Nuevo Soles (PEN), also commonly used is the U.S. Dollar

Electricity : 220 volts

Web | Code | Tel :       .pe | PER | 51

National anthem : Somos libres, seámoslo siempre


Three major landscape forms :

  • The coastal area (mostly rock and sand desert)

  • The mountainous region of the Andes with its highest peak, the Nevado Huascarán rising 6768m

  • The tropical rainforest of the Amazon.


Major products :

In food

Gastronomy : in the last ten years, the Peruvian gastronomy has raised itself as one of the best in the world through the "Fusion" cuisine.

Famous local dishes :


Palta Rellena

Papa Rellena

Rocotto Relleno



Chupe de Camarones

Lomo Saltado, a lo pobre, a la chorrillana

Aji de Gallina



Lomo de alpaca


Pescados en salsa de mariscos

Pescados (muchos tipos de agua de mar como de agua dulce. Ej : Corvina, Lenguado, Chita, Espada, Atun, o Paiche, Zungaro, Mamuri, Docella, trucha, Pejerrey etc.)

Pulpos y calamares


Tacu Tacu



Well-known and lesser-known agricultural products such as the more than 2,500 native potatoes and 4,500 indigenous products from the Andes, the sweet potato, oca, olluca, maca, yacon, yuca, various kinds of corn as the major choclo and morado (purple) quinoa, kiwicha, Kaniwa, tarwi, aguaymanto, Capuli, camu camu, molle, Muña, etc.

Besides beef, sheep, goats, pork, there is also the alpaca meat, guinea pigs and more exotic meats from the Amazon or Andes, such as Sigwayro and Samani.


On the Peruvian coast wine grapes are grown for wine as Tarbernero, Tacama, Vista Alegre, Queirolo and familiar spirits like Pisco (national drink) and the Pisco Sour (national cocktail).

Peru also has different types of beer like Cusqueña, Malta polar, Pilsen Callao, Cristal, l'Arequipeña or the San Juan and new beers like the Barbarian and Tres Cruces.


Symbolic animals of the country are : the Vicuña (which appears on the weapon of the flag), the Caballo de Paso (Peruvian horse) and the red rock rooster from the Andes.

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