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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 




The head of state is (since October 7, 2000):

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri and his wife Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

National holiday : June 23

In 1867, Luxembourg was declared neutral territory by Europe. In 1890, when King William III died and his daughter Queen Wilhelmina succeeded him, Luxembourg would no longer be under the Dutch ruling and Duke Adolphe of Nassau-Weilburg became Grand duke of the country. This event is seen as the independence of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is one of the most prosperous countries with an economy based on international trade and banking.


Flag :










Red, White, Blue in horizontal stripes.


Standard Time: GMT +1 (Summer +2)

Area : 2.586 Km2

Capital : Luxembourg

Government: Parliamentary Monarchy

Head of State: Grand Duke Henri

Official languages​​ :




Border Countries : Belgium, Germany, France

Population : 514.862 (2013)

Currency : Euro (EUR)

Electricity : 220 volts

Web | Code | Tel :  .lu | LUX | 352

Motto: We want to remain what we are


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