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Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru.


 is a  nonprofit organization fostering international business, cultural and social exchange in Peru and with this country, is a funded organization created to provide entrepreneurs, enterprises, from Belgian and Luxembourg, with all needed advices and services to do business in Peru or with this country. 


We help students and professionals to launch  their Business, enterprises to be more successful and ambicious employes to get experience and advance their careers in Peru and in the international area.


No doubt Peru is great, and certainly a land with a lot of opportunities. But it's not allways easy to snatch and fully understand even if you speak spanish fluently.


Our Chamber is young but our team has a long experience in this country.

We don't do miracles, we do not distribute money, and we don't have the power of the highest autorities in the country even if we have reached so often so great results.


But you have to remember first that making your first steps in the right direction, even with a little more efforts and discipline than you expected, may avoid you to make very expensive even deadly mistakes.


One of our goals is to creat a strong chain of contact and network able to make us everytime stronger. Just as the Belgian concept "L'Union fait la Force" "Union make the strengt". So with the Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru "may the Force be with you and welcome to the amazing potentials of Peru.





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